Craig Stubbs

BEc (Soc Sci), Dip SM, Dip FP, CFP

Craig's Mission

I can help you focus on what’s important and get organised financially.

I enjoy assisting people sleep at night.  Life is too short to stress about your finances unnecessarily.  In most cases, people worry about the wrong issues anyway.  I have a straight-forward and uncomplicated approach to making financial decisions and I enjoy empowering my clients to follow suit.

I have been working in financial services for over 30 years and I have been providing personal financial advice for over 20 years.  For most of that time I have specialised in the provision of advice to people who have received compensation and TPD insurance payments, along with retirement decisions, or the receipt of a lump sum.  I am proud to say that I now have ongoing financial advice relationships with a number of clients spanning decades!  What a privilege.

After university I administered large corporate superannuation funds in the early 1990’s, and so for me, the complexities around superannuation are second nature.  Understanding how superannuation funds work from the ground up has been invaluable.

After working in large corporates for three decades, I have recently joined  EFS Advice and reconnected with trusted ex-colleagues, who are also my friends.  EFS Advice is growing fast and as things stand, we are just shy of 100 years of combined experience – most of that working together in previous roles.  That we have sought each other out again, with the singular purpose of providing high quality, meaningful advice to those who most need it, is beyond rewarding.

At EFS Advice we help people all over Australia to learn more about finances and take control of their financial lives.

Financial Adviser Sydney
Craig Stubbs, Principal Financial Adviser at EFS Advice

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My Personal Story

I loved Economics at high school and so studying the subject at University was a natural next step.

My journey to becoming a Financial Adviser was smooth sailing . I administered large corporate superannuation funds in the early days of compulsory superannuation and am grateful for the learning foundations from day one. At a young age I was explaining superannuation benefit statements to the employees of some of the largest companies in Australia and assisting them to understand this new retirement system. I attended trustee meetings, assisted senior employees with retirement benefits and pensions and calculated all manner of superannuation benefits, triple checking them with an old-school, common-sense approach – pen and paper!

I can deal with the unexpected. I have empathy for those who have change thrust upon them.

Armed with such specialist, technical knowledge of the financial system, I now enjoy assisting those who need honest advice on what to do financially. I have an Economics Degree from the University of Sydney, a Diploma of Superannuation Management from Macquarie University and I am a Certified Financial Planner.

I met both Andy Reynolds and Andrew Eadie in 2006 at different companies. We have worked with each other in the corporate environment, and to now join them in an independent financial advice firm such as EFS Advice is a thrill.

I am married with two children and enjoy sport. You name it. I’ve played it.
I enjoy swimming with a group at the local pool most mornings. Listening to the witticism and life stories over a coffee afterwards is better than the swim!

Get in touch with me today.

– Craig Stubbs

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